Campus-based loan servicing solutions focused on student engagement, service excellence, and compliance.

About ServicingSelect

ServicingSelect is the premier campus-based loan servicing solution in the market today. With more than 45 years focused on loan servicing and higher education, ECSI has the experience and technology to provide schools and borrowers with the best-in-class service they deserve.

Key Benefits of ServicingSelect

Customizable service levels to meet the unique needs of schools

Comprehensive compliance with ever-changing regulations

Proprietary loan servicing system with complete flexibility to handle any type of loan

Industry-leading client and customer service


SAL, ECSI's loan servicing platform, and our Client Website were developed with ease of use and flexibility in mind. By using SAL’s unique “fund file” technology, ECSI can service any type of loan while keeping your school in complete compliance with all regulatory requirements. ECSI’s Client Website gives users the ability to review all borrower information, access our comprehensive reporting library, print electronic bills, access user manuals, and more.

User-Friendly Borrower Website and Mobile App

ECSI’s self-service website and mobile app give borrowers access to completely manage their accounts online. Borrowers can view their account balance and transaction history; make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments; access electronic entrance interviews, promissory notes, and exit interviews; update their demographic information; and so much more.

Best-In-Class Client & Customer Service

ECSI’s Client Support & Customer Service Teams are dedicated to providing you, your borrowers and students, and their families with the very best customer service at every interaction. Your school is assigned a knowledgeable Dedicated Client Support Representative who is your point of contact for all questions, issues, training, and day-to-day needs, and your students and borrowers have access to our experienced team of Customer Service Advocates via live chat, text, or toll-free phone.

Government Assignment Package Solutions

ECSI is the industry expert in all things Perkins Loans, including assigning Perkins loans to the Department of Education. We support our ServicingSelect clients throughout the process of assigning loans to the Department of Education with our optional Government Assignment Package and Government Assignment Package Plus solutions.

Government Assignment Package Processing

What's Included?

Borrower notifications as required by federal regulations
Removing loans from collection agencies
OMB-1845 form creation
Generate loan history and memo files
Generate electronic promissory notes (if applicable)
Update accounts in SAL
Update NSLDS
Updated credit bureau reporting

Enhanced Government Assignment Package Processing

What's Included?

Includes all services defined in the Government Assignment Package Service PLUS
Preparation of the assignment package
Verification of key items on the 1845 assignment form
Coordination of the digitally signed 1845 Institutional form