Provide students with the freedom to receive funds the way they want while streamlining your refund processes.

Increase Options. Decrease Workload.

Schools across the country have turned to RefundSelect to provide students with an unbiased choice in refund methods in full compliance with the Department of Education’s cash management rules – all while reducing the costs and the effort required from staff.

Make Refunds Easy for Everyone


Allows students to choose paper checks or ACH disbursements


Cost-effective solution that reduces administrative workload


Fully compliant with the Department of Education’s cash management rules


24/7 online and mobile access for students and administrators


Secure encryption and fraud control measures safeguard data and ensure accuracy


Cobranded websites provide students with peace of mind





ECSI sends each student a welcome email inviting them to access your secure refund website. They then select their preferred refund method, provide the necessary information and confirm their selection method. ECSI provides customer service through phone, live chat or our student website.




Provide ECSI with your authorized disbursement file and funds and we’ll handle the rest. All refunds will be issued according to the student’s preferred method using secure methods. We’ll even provide you with marketing materials branded with your university logo to help you educate students about navigating the RefundSelect process.





ECSI provides a comprehensive online application for administrative and reporting purposes. The reporting library provides you with information about the payment elections their students have made, summaries of disbursements by date, summaries of disbursements by type and summaries of disbursements by student account.