Provide an exceptional experience to your students while reducing costs and your administrative workload.

Higher Education Call Center &
Business Process Outsourcing Services

Do More with Less

Find yourself with the choice of overburdening staff with additional duties or providing students with the service they deserve? With OutsourceSelect, you don’t have to compromise. Let us handle student calls and other administrative tasks so your staff can feel free to focus on departmental duties.

Why OutourceSelect Makes Sense


You only pay for the time our team spends assisting your students.


Services scale up or down to meet your current staffing demands.


Allow students to use the communication channels they prefer and eliminate busy signals and long wait times.


ECSI Customer Advocates are trained in your school’s processes and standards and monitored by our Quality Assurance Team.


As a white label solution, OutsourceSelect provides a seamless student experience.


Customizable dashboards provide real-time visibility into performance and outcomes.





When you implement OutsourceSelect, you’ll only pay for the time our Advocates spend assisting students. ECSI manages the telephones and technology used to support your school at no additional cost and can quickly scale your services to handle fluctuating demand. No longer do you need to worry about issues like seasonal staffing challenges.




More than 90% of current students prefer digital communication channels over traditional phone calls. OutsourceSelect allows students to connect through email, live chat, and SMS text messaging while still providing phone support to those who want it. We white label our services so students feel as if they're interacting directly with school staff.





Utilize our completely customizable dashboard to monitor the call center metrics most important to your institution. Easily customize reports to be as specific or as broad as you’d like. You can then use the data to more effectively tailor your communications to students, reducing their need to reach out for assistance.




OutsourceSelect can unburden your school by handing more than just incoming and outgoing calls. Our trained staff can help with creating custom letters and emails, skip tracing, document imaging, transcript request services, and much more.


Case Studies

OutSourceSelect - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Learn how UNLV significantly reduced call wait times with Outsource Select

  • "You can’t put a dollar sign on peace of mind, especially with the world we’re in right now. I can’t imagine what things would be like if our students didn’t have the support of ECSI, now and in the future.”
    Juanita Saucedo, Manager of Student Accounts
    University of Nevada - Las Vegas