Introducing CXSelect: A Better Way to Drive Student Experience

Thursday, May 16, 2024

For more than 50 years, ECSI has provided industry-leading service to institutions of higher education and their students and borrowers. What started as a solution for campus-based loan servicing expanded to include solutions for past-due account resolution, tax document services, and a higher education contact center. The reason for a measured, successful expansion of ECSI solutions? Service.

Over the years, ECSI clients have asked us to step onto their campuses - both metaphorically and physically - to understand the challenges higher education leaders face today. We’ve taken these opportunities at every turn to listen, learn, and develop solutions that would 1. unburden colleges and universities of tasks and responsibilities that take away from their focus on education; 2. provide students a positive experience while achieving a higher education.

We continue to grow our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of higher education. Today, our industry calls for extra hands. It’s no secret that higher education professionals are asked to do more with less. But our clients can’t afford to sacrifice the quality of service their students expect and deserve. The offices we support - admissions, financial aid, registrar, bursar, and others - need to quickly and expertly answer student questions, provide unmatched student experience, and reduce call volumes and repetitive processes.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our higher education contact center and business process outsourcing solution, previously known as OutsourceSelect. Our history and expertise in higher education, as well as our experience with multiple student information and enterprise resource systems, allowed us to develop CXSelect, a suite of high-tech, high-touch offerings that improve student experience.

At its core, CXSelect is a cost-effective and completely scalable contact center and staff extension solution that provides students and their families with exceptional service while reducing institutions' administrative workload.

By combining live, experienced representatives with advanced technology and reporting, CXSelect clients receive scalable support for inbound calls, reporting, account management, and even mailings and custom projects. Learn More about CXSelect, here.

Schedule a brief call with our team to discuss how CXSelect can save you time while supporting the student experience.


ECSI provides a full range of customizable solutions in support of the entire lifecycle of higher education and post-graduation. Founded in 1972, ECSI has established itself as a leading partner for colleges and universities nationwide. With nearly five decades of experience, more than 1,750 clients in all 50 states, and a 99.9 percent client retention rate, ECSI is the largest provider of past-due accounts receivable management, campus-based student loan servicing, tax document services, tuition payment plans, refund management, and contact center solutions in the industry.

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