Podcast: The University of Alabama and ECSI’s RecoverySelect

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

This content was originally shared by TouchNet, a Global Payments Company

Taking a Student-Friendly Approach to Past-Due Accounts with the University of Alabama

Tune in to TouchNet’s FOCUS on the Business of Higher Education Podcast to hear Kristy Pritchett, Director of Student Account Services at the University of Alabama, discuss the institution’s student-friendly approach to past-due accounts.

The University of Alabama uses ECSI’s RecoverySelect solution to manage accounts receivable and past-due accounts, which has led to an increase in their student retention rates. Since the program began, Alabama has seen an approximate 40 percent resolution rate for accounts that go through the RecoverySelect process, meaning that a significant portion of students have resolved their past-due accounts without entering collections. Moreover, 25 percent of these students ultimately return to the university, positively impacting student retention.

Listen, here, for Kristy’s key takeaways. Learn more about RecoverySelect or book a demo, here